Thank you to all who voted on September 26th, whomever you supported.

This campaign was based on the sense that there currently is a disconnect between our towns and Concord. I told you I would do everything I can to bridge that gap and I meant it.

Look for the monthly Legislative Updates to begin in November. The next session does not actually begin until January but there is a lot of work that happens before then that I will share with you.

I will also begin attending Selectmen and School Board meetings in November to be available during the Public Comments portion of those meetings. I will do my best to attend one of each meeting per town, per quarter. Look to this website for dates.

I stand by my promise that I will do my solemn best to represent the residents of our towns and will not pledge to follow an agenda from any of the out-of-state organizations who want to tell us Granite Staters what we should be doing, we can figure that out for ourselves just fine, thank you. Input from you, the constituents, my values, and the best documentable evidence available at the time will be the guideposts used by this New Hampshire State Representative.

Finally, a huge thank you to my unbelievably dedicated band of volunteers. Whenever I asked, you were there and this victory is yours.

~ Kari Lerner, New Hampshire State Representative-elect