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Welcome! I'm Kari Lerner, Democratic Candidate for Representative in the NH House. There will be a Special Election for Rockingham County District 4 (Auburn, Chester & Sandown) on September 26.

Responsible leadership addresses today's issues with an eye to the future.

With all the noise from Washington, DC, we must not be distracted from monitoring what is happening in Concord, and planning a bright future for our state.

When elected as your Democratic State Representative I will work hard to ensure that the needs of our small towns are met. Republicans in Concord have pushed for huge tax cuts for big business and the wealthy while essential services in our towns are underfunded. Our taxpayer dollars should serve our community, not big business. Downshifting costs to local towns results in higher property taxes, crumbling infrastructure and service needs going unmet.

  • I am pro-business- -I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration graduating Summa cum Laude
  • I have been a realtor since 1987 and worked in Education for 9 years
  • This is my first run for public office
  • I do research and dig into facts when making decisions
  • I have been a resident of Chester for over 15 years - I raised my 3 children here and this community is part of the fabric of my life

I care about local issues and the future of our towns. Put me to work for you. Please check back regularly for updates. Email me at: with questions or issues you wish to see addressed.

Remember to vote on September 26th.